“Prosperity On Purpose" A word-of-mouth business referral and personal development group.  
Why We Exist
Our Purpose
“Prosperity On Purpose is a word-of-mouth business referral and personal development group that meets weekly and exists for the purpose of increasing business volume and profitability for its members. We do this via strong interpersonal relationships built on loyalty, trust and accountability. Guests are welcome anytime as long as their respective professional category isn’t already represented below.
Group Benefits
  • Exposure: Share your business with active group members
  • Growth: Glean from other successful business reps and owners
  • Leads: Exchange exclusive referrals for free
  • Leadership Development: Weekly exposure to leadership principles
  • Professional Development: Practice sharing your business or service weekly
  • Business Development: Expand business with members and referrals
Billed monthly, no annual fee
  • Meeting Space
  • Marketing
  • Events
  • Coffee & Tea
Active Members

Kim Howe

Skin Care & Cosmetics Consultant
425.879.9257 - Cell

Scott Verrette

Leadership Skills & Career Coach
206.725.2488 - Cell

Don Pitsch

206.915.2586 - Cell

Leslie Lucas

Real Estate Agent
206.501.7473 - Cell

Milt Rye

Home Repair & Remodeling Contractor
425.293.7913 - Cell

Mike Olson

Home Inspector
425.890.1348 - Cell

Cecille Ngyuen

Financial Advisor
206.778.1121 - Cell

JR Gillespie

Health, Life, Disability Insurance
425.814.6378 - Cell

Dan Hunter

Loan Officer
425.923.7584 - Cell

Eric Hughes

Manual Movement Therapy/Massage Practitioner 
425.802.6173 - Cell

Trishann Couvillion

Pain Mangement & Wellness
206.271.6145 - Cell

Barb Taylor

Bookkeeping Services
206.234.3717 - Cell

Angelo Nelson

Property Management 
425.876.6107- Cell

Jordan Hopper

Property Management 
425.563.7029- Cell
Can I attend as a guest for free?
Yes. You can attend the group 2 times as a guest. 
Are business categories exclusive?
Yes. All business categories are exclusive to each member to ensure no competition within the group. 
Do members pass leads to each other? 
Absolutely. It is a group standard and expectation to pass referrals to each other. 
Can member do business together?
Members can do business with each other as they wish. 
Is there an annual fee I need to pay?
No. You only pay the monthly $60 fee to be an active member.
Can someone represent me if I can't make a meeting?
Yes. Substitutes are encouraged if you can't make a meeting. 
Prosperity On Purpose
Business Networking Group
7:30 AM to 9:00 AM
Every week on Tuesday